European roulette

You might think that playing European roulette online is a bit different from betting in a land-based casino. This isn’t the case. The game is played online using a digital dealer. The biggest difference is the speed at which the wheel spins. This means that you can bet more quickly and easily. In addition, you can place more bets per spin than in a land-based casino. So, you can have more winning opportunities with the same investment.

The betting options in European Roulette are varied, and range from very specific to broad. There are three types of bets: inside and outside. Inside bets are those placed inside the betting table, while outside bets are placed outside of the betting table. You can place your bets in areas that fall between the red and black zones and even and odd. You can also place bets in three columns. The payouts for these bets are the most limited compared to those for the other bets.

Aside from betting on the number of numbers, you can also place an Outside Bet. This type of bet is the least risky, but you may win more. An Outside Bet is not a great choice if you’re new to European roulette. If you’re a beginner, you should stick to the Outside Bets. The payouts on an Outside Bet are smaller, but the chances of winning are better. You can use the Inside Bets for greater payouts.